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RhythmDB (aka Daniel Bagley) is an accomplished songwriter, producer and owner of RhythmDB Publishing and the labels RhythmDB Publishing and RhythmDB Music.

His portfolio includes his own compositions and work for hire.  His work is available on all major content distribution platforms and can also be heard on cable/tv and in movies.


  • Collaborations with Azania, winner of American Idol France
  • Recent release Reachin’ topping charts on Beatport
  • Recent release Reachin’ featured on Promo Only along with Mary J. Blige
  • Theme song “I’ma Be Me” for comic Wanda Sykes’ comedy show on HBO
  • Sound track for Wanda Sykes’ late night TV talk show on FOX.
  • Lushtech featured on GiantStep

RhythmDB’s work can be licensed through the Harry Fox Agency.


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